Episode 32: Juliet Hammer, CSCS — Training Through the Lock Down

Juliet Hammer wants to work. After compiling certificates and gaining her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) accreditation, she spent almost two years building a clientele, filling her schedule with 35 sessions a week. And then, the coronavirus pandemic struck…and here we are, stuck in our houses, banished from the crags, and wondering how to stay fit in a time of high anxiety and restless quarantine.

After initially losing the lion’s share of her weekly sessions, Juliet scrambled to promote her hybrid program, which allows remote training for climbers and general population folks, at home and using whatever they can muster, even if that is just a couple of 12 lb dumbbells. It worked. She’s gained enough new and retained enough old clients to stay afloat in this time of flux, but she’s looking for more.

A world class climber, a competition vet, and a passionate and whip-smart advocate for health and fitness joins us today on the show. It’s a rough time for all of us, that’s for sure, but Juliet provides us a moment to forget about the quarantine and remember that we’re still housed in bodies that crave activity and challenge. Even if it that means doing dips on kitchen chairs and jumping rope in the driveway…

Apologies for the Zoom-enabled pod. Not ideal, but we’re working with what we got. If you’d like to drop us an email, pitch, or a good “stay in place” training story, get a hold of us on Instagram @thethundercling or by email at thunderclingpodcast@gmail.com.

Cheers to Ryne Doughty for the great music, as always. Time for another free show online!

Take care, you guys. Be good to yourselves and your community.

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