Episode 21: Joslynn Corredor — Bodies En Route

Josylnn Corredor has been running towards challenges all of her life. Encountering, conquering, running, repeat. After a starring role in high school, Jos launched into a Division I track and field career at the crushingly competitive Oregon State University. With her collegiate spikes hung up, however, she found herself casting about to fill the void that organized sports had so easily filled. Like you, like me, like almost all of us…she found rock climbing. You know the rest of that story.

Jos, an Exercise Sports Science major, dug into the science and culture of strength and conditioning training, eventually attaching the following certifications to her name, capitalized letters which apparently mean she’s a bad ass: CSCS, USAW 1, ACE CPT, KIEP. After a number of internships and a load of climbing trips and stacked hours at the crags, she launched her own training company, Body En Route (new website launches in September).

Aside from her professional credentials, Jos is one of the kindest and most genuine people you will ever hope to call a friend, mentor, or coach. It’s an attitude born of perseverance through mortal exigency. She’s hurdled life-altering obstacles, including scathing coaching, anemia, and a heroic battle with breast cancer. Although we strangely didn’t land on the topic, do yourself a favor and listen to episode 106 of the Power Company Podcast, where she and host Kris Hampton take a deep dive into the grave struggle that saw Jos forced into not only mind-boggling choices, but eventually saw her coming out the other side stronger, more self-assured, and more determined than ever.

Buckle up for a ride into the mind of a strength and conditioning trainer just entering her prime. I promise, she won’t yell at you if you skip your abs for a week.

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Thank you, as always, to Ryne Doughty for the musical joy.

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