Episode 18: Sauce Night — Pity Party

Defending Game Night champ Lynn returns to battle for her crown in another round of Geo Party and a much-maligned lightning spin through the Thunder Quiz. Travis, returning to Sauce Night for a cool trifecta, hoping to stop Lynn in her tracks, suffers from a bad case of the grumps. Fidi, resolute and robed in his combat spats, cracks his knuckles in hopes of bringing glory to a Thundercling host.

As alpine season has dawned in Colorado, the gang also chats about alpine ethics. Specifically, who in the hell stashes bouldering pads in 2019? Without a doubt, pads remain at altitude, causing marmots to get upset bellies and chewed foam to spin about our pristine climbing areas like so much wretched confetti. Travis wants to confront the buggers with vitriol. Lynn and Fidi preach peaceful and equitable confrontation. I simply think it’s bonkers that people somehow justify breaking the Leave No Trace ethic just to send V13.

Join us as we slaughter a game in a drunken haze, one of us affixes two pieces of bread to his head (and then Fidi devours them), we celebrate our friend Todd, and a couple of us disrobe in frustration as calls for pity rain down at Thundercling HQ. I mean…it’s a mess.

We have a stellar lineup on the slate — including an appearance by Paul Robinson — but we’d love to hear what you thought of game night! Want to pen an essay for Thundercling? Have an idea for the next Sauce Night? Get a hold of us anytime at thunderclingpodcast@gmail.com. We read and respond to every email we receive. And, from the bottom of our little hearts, thank you so much for the continued support.

Cheers once again to Ryne Doughty for the svelte musical stylings.

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