Episode 13: Sauce Night — “That is Correct!”

It’s game night at the Thundercling dinner table! Dave takes Fidi and return Sauce Night veterans, Lynn and Travis, through a couple of arduous trivia combat tours, the gang trying to hold it together after a few too many beers.

First, Fidi hopes to take the lead in a lightning round of the Thunder Quiz. The contestants get 80 seconds to answer climbing trivia questions; some topical, some historical, and some embarrassingly personal. Dave is accused of nepotism, Fidi flexes a bit of muscle, and Travis begrudgingly surrenders ground.

Between games the table erupts in some role playing of “climber wrongs.” Spray, crowded crags, mansplaining, and wild crag dogs speed up the boozing and ratchet up the vitriol. It’s what we wish we could say…

Next, Travis and Lynn eye a rebound in a full round of Geo Party (we’re not supposed to type “Jeopardy,” for copyright reasons). The categories, “Oopsy Daisy…Chain,” “Sharma Dharma,” and “Holy Shit,” bring some interesting answers and a couple of ridiculous stories. Travis comes out of the gate strong, Fidi shows some serious focus, and Lynn launches an improbable comeback.

Thanks for listening to this curse-laden, booze-soaked, climbing ephemera-infused monstrosity! Maybe next time we’ll skip the beer…but I doubt it.

Although we’ll have regularly scheduled programming up for the next couple months, tell us what you thought of game night! Want to pen an essay for Thundercling? Have an idea for the next Sauce Night? Get a hold of us anytime at thunderclingpodcast@gmail.com. We read and respond to every email we receive.

Thanks as always to Ryne Doughty for the bad ass tunes.

Finally, cheers to Chris Weidner, from whom I mined some questions here.

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