Episode 39: Albert Ok — The Human Ghost Pepper

Albert Ok showed up to my house with a package of raw ghost peppers. They remain on my porch table because I’m terrified of them. He began that day in Clear Creek Canyon, taking down “Moulin Rouge,” a V10 rapidly gaining classic status on the Front Range. Then he joined Fidi for a session at Movement Baker. And after our chat he literally jogged off the porch because he was late for this third climbing session of the day, at the Denver Bouldering Club. The question is…is Albert Ok powered by ghost peppers? Where does he get this relentless energy?

From Jersey to Texas to Colorado and now back to the Lone Star State, Albert has been feeding himself not only ghost peppers, but a steady regimen of new experiences and challenges. Chess, parkour and tricking, beatboxing, climbing, and finally video content creation. After falling down the abyss of climbing addiction, he took note of a vacuum of steady and reliable climbing content on YouTube. Specifically, content that informed, taught, and entertained, outside the standard rock porn.

Photo by Levi Harrell

In earnest, he launched his inaugural video on his sparkling new YouTube page 8 months ago, an investigation of Japanese powerhouse Akiyo Noguchi breaking the beta during an international competition. This format would grow into the popular and massively viewed series “Beta Break,” while the page remains focused on the world of comp climbing, although Albert’s horizons are constantly expanding. As of today, his page has wrangled over 30,000 subscribers. His content has been viewed well over 4 million times. In eight months! For almost no money! All created on an $80 broke-ass laptop!

Albert’s future, with his manic energy and relentless curiosity, will be a joy to document. He’s invested in building a co-op, community owned gym in his home town of Trenton, NJ, catering to urban and underserved youth. His video content, seemingly polished and professional out of the gate, remains in its infancy. Most importantly, his drive to climb everything and everywhere…who knows where all this ambition and curiosity and passion will take him?

Photo by Levi Harrell

Listen, Albert Ok is a good person. He’s kind, curious, relentlessly energetic, and one of those guys that constantly uncovers his own talents through dogged investigation and experimentation. Check out his YouTube page. Follow his journey. This manic ghost pepper of a human is just getting started.

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As always, thanks to Ryne Doughty for the lovely musical stylings. Check out his many albums on iTunes or wherever you shop for new tunes!

Be well, gang. Stay safe and diligent. Check in with your friends and family and show all that love you have beating in your hearts. And for the love of all that is holy and good, VOTE!

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