Episode 4: Brian Runnells and Chris Weidner — The Boys in the Booth

Emily Harrington joins Chris and Brian for the 2016 USA Bouldering Nationals, where they filled a mind-bending 14+ hours of time behind the mics.

Brian Runnells and Chris Weidner have been climbing for a long time. They’ve also been writing about climbing for a long time. Before his identity was finally sleuthed out, Brian was the one-man aggregating super-bot behind the website Climbing Narc. In a torturous twist, you can still visit the page, where the last post logged falls in April of 2015, reading, “Yes, I’m still alive…” In it’s heyday, Climbing Narc rallied a massive following and was, at times, the most popular climbing website in the United States.

Chris makes his living writing about climbing, no small feat. He’s written for most of the major mags, all while logging a climbing-specific column for Boulder’s The Daily Camera for 11 years. He and Jason Haas are just wrapping up Weidner’s first guidebook effort for Boulder Canyon.

In an interesting twist, the commentary “booth” brought the two of them together for Louder Than Eleven‘s broadcast of the 2015 Psicobloc competition. Like Madden and Summerall, they’ve worked together ever since. We talk about the experience of commentating for a sport like climbing and how the two of them got into the gig in the first place. We also chat about the famous blooper reels, any chances they’ll be commentating for the upcoming Olympics, and how Brian finally contextualized the phrase, “Netflix and chill.”

Check out a blooper (or highlight??) reel here.

Check out a 2014 Thundercling interview with the Narc here.

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As always, thanks to Ryne Doughty for the rad tunes!

Happy holidays, gang. Be safe, love hard, have fun! We’ll see you all in 2019!!

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