Gravy Train: Introducing Luxurious Style in the Out of Doors, Finally!

The all-new, customizable Gravy Train!

The all-new, customizable Gravy Train!

Whether your travels take you to the deserts of Utah or the high Sierra of California, our Gravy Train pop-up camper will spirit you into the outdoors in style and originality!

The new Gravy Train pop-up camper marries innovative design and affordability with retro colors and attitude. Our family friendly floor plan sleeps up to two comfortably, while saving space for a removable dinette table, two-burner stove, pump sink and a bevy of faux-wood widgets for which you may envision your own, unique uses! Constructed of only aluminum, canvas and a couple other interesting things, let our customized Gravy Train guide you into the wondrous wild!

At Gravy Train, we construct our pop-up campers to withstand some kinds of weather and all kinds of fun, utilizing industry leading grafting and welding methods to pair our patented three piece system. First, we lovingly saw off the front of a donated pickup truck, which we then send to front yards around rural America, where they will be carefully placed upon blocks for time immemorial. To the back end, which we keep in an open warehouse as it rusts to our strict specifications, we eventually install a slide in pop-up camper. Carefully adhering to our proven protocol, we cinch the pop-up to the bed of the pickup with one inch webbing and winches. Next, our engineering experts roam the country in search of highly used and so inherently trustworthy trailers. After towing the trailers back to our exposed warehouse, our in-house staff welds the trailer to the pickup rear end, thus completing a fresh Gravy Train. Eager to send our newest creation to a loving owner, we generally eschew ratings, load requirement standards and both formal and informal NHTSA testing for immediate delivery, via Craigslist.

Revel in the accoutrements of fine living in the out of doors!

Revel in the accoutrements of fine living in the out of doors!

Don’t be worried, however. Safety isn’t our only concern! Our design team, high school graduates all, spend hours worrying over Gravy Train’s visual ascetics and color palates. After working extensively with interior designers from the farthest reaches of Eastern Europe, our top notch visual team has struck oil with a stunning package that is sure to incite both awe and wonder. For our flooring, we chose only the finest TrafficMASTER Bottom Line 20 Disco Blue carpet, which we overlapped in the middle for a one foot band of double ply carpeting. We carefully nail the Disco Blue into the bed of the slide-in, insuring a fray-free life for your flooring. Flooring, although important, is but the first step in creating your perfect interior. We chose ¼” wood composite panels for the siding surrounding your sink/stove combo desk. A dark, rich mocha, this paneling creates a retro feel while offering an easily customizable experience. Cut holes, create cubbies and build your own cavities with a simple pair of scissors!

Prayer flags come with package to let awed passers-by know that you do not live in a roving meth lab but rather you are awesome climbing folks luxuriating in the new, fabulous Gravy Train!

Prayer flags included with purchase to let awed passers-by know that you do not live in a roving meth lab but rather you are awesome climbing folks luxuriating in the new, fabulous Gravy Train!

Feeling sleepy after all that outdoor excitement? Complete a V1 mantle and you will arrive in your own Sleepy Hollow, a generous 4’x7’ bed with an outstanding 19 inches of headspace. Luxuriate upon two and a half inches of worn-in, cozy open cell foam, upholstered in our retro Halloween Surprise pattern, a mixture of burnt orange, black and a carefully chosen ménage of browns and burnt ochers. Rest well, adventurer, because you’ll have a busy day tomorrow after a deep sleep tonight!

Although Gravy Train chooses not to offer a warranty of any kind, years of design and sales experience ensure that this adventure domicile will suit your active lifestyle perfectly. Broaden your horizons. Spread your wings. Throw off your inhibitions and dip your toes into this warm, viscous Gravy River.

Join us and hitch your caboose up to the Gravy Train!

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